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11 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have

You never get a second chance for a first impression. The homepage is the first page your potential customers will see on your directory, therefore, it makes it the most important page on any directory. 

The homepage is the page that has the most traffic on it, so, it’s crucial to be able to convert this traffic into as many members as possible. So, we’ve decided to feature for you 11 critical elements that every homepage must have:

1. Headline

Visitors should be able to quickly see what your site offers them. You must write the headline clean and clear.

2. Sub-Headline

Your sub-headline should show a very short description of what you do or offer. Find a common ground that your potential customers will have. It’s very important not only to talk about your directory but talk about what your potential customer might be interested in.

3. Primary Calls-to-Action

The goal of your homepage is to get visitors to enter your directory and become members. Include 1 or 2 CTAs (Call-To-Action) so that end-users go through different stages of the cycle of your directory.

4. Supporting Image

Most people are visual. Make sure to use an image or even a short video that indicates what you offer. Use images that capture emotion and cause an action, that is, where they want to go through your directory.

5. Benefits

Describing what you offer is important, but possible members would also like to know about the benefits of joining your directory. Always keep the copy light and easy to read, remember to always use the language of your potential clients.

6. Social Proof

Having proof of the quality and efficiency of your directory is a very powerful confidence indicator. You can do this by adding some of the best short testimonials from directory members or/and end-users. Add the name and photo of those people, this gives you even more credibility.

7. Navigation

Be sure to make the navigation menu visible at the top of the page and make the user experience simple and easy to find what they’re looking for. Include a search box as far as possible. This will help to decrease the bounce rate effect that occurs on visitors who leave the directory without interacting with it.

8. Secondary Calls-to-Action

Secondary CTAs should be included as an additional offer of the very different services, for example, first CTAs will be for end-users but these secondary CTAs would be directed for potential members.

9. Features

In addition to the benefits, you have to add the features that they will be able to access if they join your directory. Again, remember to keep it easy to read.

10. Resources

Most of the visitors to your directory are not ready to join due to a lack of credit. Because of this, it is very important to offer them a link to the directory resources, so that they can be informed in the best way possible about prices and other resources. This would also help them establish their credit and join when possible.

11. Success Indicators

Aside from adding testimonials, another way to inspire the first impression is to include awards and recognition's that your directory has won.

This is a quick guide to know what basic aspects the home page should include. If you want to delve more into how to build a good homepage you can go to our article "10 Tips To Create A Powerful Home Page" where you will learn how to create a copy and how to write better on the homepage to get new members.