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5-Point Guide To Write Copy That Converts

Your copywriting can be the most powerful tool to make your potential members join your directory. However, it’s common to see copywriting that focuses solely on the product. This style (or lack thereof) is dull, uninspiring and lacks the creativity necessary to stand out on the internet. Your writing has the potential to move and influence customers, but how do we get there? The answer is: you must work towards articulating transformation.

Transformation is simply linked to a better reality than from where you were before. Think about your customers, what is their life like before your directory and what will their life be like after? Practice empathizing with your customers by making a before and after chart of their lives. Put yourself in their shoes as your customer and brainstorm, what do they have or what are they missing before your directory? What do they feel? What’s a story from their regular day? Can your product change their status? How about their morality? Now, how will these points change after they have your directory? These are the 5 main questions that will lead you to write transformationally.

1.  What Do They Have?

Start with the basics, the fundamentals. What exactly are they missing in their lives that your directory can fill for them? This is where we talk about the facts, the features and the benefits of your product. Paint the picture of exactly what they will have once they purchase your product. When that is clear and concise, it’s time to level up. 

2. What Do They Feel?

When you empathize with your customers and understand their emotions, it becomes exponentially easier to connect with them and make a lasting impression. You need to pinpoint the exact feelings that your customers have when searching for your product so that when your next batch of potential customers finds your website, your tone matches just how they feel, giving them the confidence that you have just what they need. 

One way to figure out these feelings is by asking and listening to your customer facing agents or your customers directly. Do they feel angry, stressed or frustrated? What will they feel after? Maybe joy, relief, perhaps even power. Knowing precisely the feelings you need to evoke will give your writing life and relatability.

3. What is their Story of a Regular Day

Now that you have the right information and the right tone, it’s about time to dig a bit deeper and to find a narrative. You want to tell a story that your customers can relate to, a story that describes what they’ve been lacking before in their daily lives and how your directory will give them their happily ever after. The best and most effective marketing companies master the art of telling compelling stories. So, get creative and write their story! Your customers will be hooked. 

4. Can Your Product Change their Status?

For these last two questions, you need to think outside of the box. In broad terms, think of Status as how you see yourself in relation to the rest of society. When you put that in the context of your business, how will your directory transform them into a better version of themselves? How can that be legitimized? For example, you can do this by giving the opportunity to earn badges or certificates or by having elite or premium memberships. If this doesn’t really fit, instead try framing it more towards the respect and recognition they’ll gain from their customers and competitors after they use your directory. Ultimately, here, instead of you telling their story, you are trying to change the story they are telling about themselves. 

5. What are their Morals? “Good vs. Evil”

This last question is the most challenging to answer, but when this concept is executed well it is incredibly powerful. Think of the overarching mission of your directory and how that can positively impact the world. When you frame the narrative with your business leading to the betterment of society overall, it creates an even brighter and more desirable transformation for your customers. It does not need to be a big change for it to still have a big impact, just try to evoke their sense of morality and how your business cares about the difference between right and wrong. 

And there you have it! Remember, even if you do not use all of these concepts, as long as there is an upward progression towards question 5, your copywriting is guaranteed to improve. The main goal is to steer away from sticking to just the features and benefits, you want your customers to feel like you truly know them and that your directory has the ability to make them transform their reality for the better. With that assurance, those customers are bound to convert into long-lasting clients.