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Clients Onboarding Questionnaire

At the beginning of a working relationship with your client, you may ask yourself, what can I do to understand my clients needs? Will they be a good fit for the service I can provide? With a client intake questionnaire all of these questions will be answered. Today, we will give you some tips on what to include in the questionnaire, so grab a pen!

Coming up are the basic things you should include in your Client Intake Questionnaire:

1. Contact & Company Information

The first things you need to know are the company/client name, the main contact of that company, their role, the size of the company - for example: How many employees they have, their industry, and any other questions you consider to have a clearer perception of who is the client you are working with.

2. What's the client's brand, products or services?

It is very important to see the client's perspective, but what does this mean? This means that you need to see the way the client talks about their company, products or services, see how they view their business to ultimately understand it better. 

3. The Needs & Goals of the Clients

It’s important to fully understand your client, so asking them their Needs & Goals is essential to move forward. Start off by asking them how they think your directory can help them, this provides the most important information: the expectations they have with your directory. Then ask them about their goals, this will tell you a lot about the place they will hold in your directory in the future and what kind of client they will be. Lastly, ask them about their needs. This will allow you to know what you can do and offer to your client. By this point you will understand your client and start to get and idea of what the right strategy is to help them.

4. Budget Information

This is one of the most important aspects to consider. You will not know exactly what you can offer if you do not know your client's budget. So start simple, ask them what their budget is, and based on their answer, you can offer a membership that fits their budget and explain what you can do for this price.

5. Overview of Competitors

Overviewing your clients competitors gives you valuable reference points to understand how their business operates. You can analyze the strategies their competitors are employing and determine how your directory can beat those tactics.

6. Questions That Might Not Have Been Covered

By now you almost have all the important information about your client but you’re not sure if your client told you everything they wanted. So after this you can add a space for your client to tell you anything else they consider important for you to know. Or you can also schedule a meeting to clear up any other questions.