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How To Monetize Your Directory With Geofence Marketing

Every business' goal is to monetize its directory, but sadly not everyone knows how to do it. Today we will introduce you to GEOfence Marketing tools so you can apply them and be up and running. Get ready for your sales to grow bigger and greater than ever before!

First of all, what is GEOFence Marketing?

GEOFence Marketing is a location-based service in a software program that uses radio frequency identification (RFID), Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data to trigger a targeted marketing action.

How does GEOfencing Work?

To use a GEOfence you must first establish a virtual boundary around a specified location in GPS or RFID enabled software. The size of the GEOfence area could be any size you want, but our recommendation is that you pick a small area (it could be as simple as setting a perimeter around a store) so your website's ads reaches your desired customers. 

Whenever a potential customers' device enters the previously defined area, this virtual GEOFence will then trigger a response and the ad that you chose is going to appear on their devices. This ad contains a link that will direct the customer to your website.

Where And When To Use GEOFence Marketing?

The best moment to use GEOFencing is when you want to target specific geographical locations where you already know that your potential customers transit through. This could be a specific section of a mall, hospital, competing store, or any other location you know your customers transit through.

Why is GEOFencing Better Than Facebook/Google/Instagram Ads?

They're actually both great and can deliver significant results. However, we believe that by doing a successful GEOFence would have better outcomes than allocating our efforts on a social media campaign.

Additionally, there are a couple of differentiators regarding how you can accomplish your goals with GEOFence marketing through the Google Real Time Bidding ads ecosystem vs social media marketing ad ecosystems. Through social media advertising, you are forced to narrow down your audience based on interests, demographics, locations (1 mile radius), among other factors, which is fine, if you have the time & funds to do lots of testing to narrow down your perfect audience. On the other hand GEOFence marketing with Google’s Real Time Bidding Ads Ecosystem, it is much more straightforward and you can target the people you really want to reach without all the previously mentioned variables used in social media and it's immediate. Like we mentioned before, the way to do this is by creating a virtual fence around the specific location that you know your customers will pass through at a given time. This allows you to target your audience only managing one variable: “Location”. 

To give you an example: Say you own a Mexican Restaurant and want to attract new customers. With geofence marketing, you could show ads to any person that is inside any competing mexican restaurants, and not only that, you could target ads for people that have been in that competing restaurant in the last 6 months or any other time frame.  

Benefits For Your Website

    1. Increases customer loyalty.

    2. Increases local sales.

    3. Track Location Ad Analytics.

    4. Gain Competitor Customers.

    5. Cost effective

Benefits For Customers

    1. Get more relevant offers and deals.

    2. Get notified at the right time about offers and deals.