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How to Write Headlines That Work

Your headlines are the first and sometimes even the only impression you get to make on your potential customers. Without a headline that generates interest in your website visitors and converts them into readers, the other words are unnecessary.

A good headline must promise some benefit that will be obtained after reading. A benefit in exchange for your time invested in reading.

Here we share with you a list of the best types of headlines for your directory, that have excellent responses from readers:

    1. Direct Headlines

Direct headlines go directly to the heart of the matter without bluntness. Some examples of these headlines could be: For a blog "Free Self-Help Book" or for a page that sells clothing "Platinum Membership - 40 percent off"

    2. Indirect Headline

An indirect title is subtle, it uses curiosity to pose a question in the reader's mind that will be answered later in the page. For example, you can use the headline "Fresh Bait Works Best", however, the text doesn’t talk about fishing, it talks about how to write timely content and serve as links bait

    3. News Headline

A news headline is self-explanatory as long as it is news. An announcement of a new product, its improved version, or even a content scoop can be good ideas for a news headline. For example, “Introducing Pinterest 2.0” or “My Exclusive Interview With Steve Jobs”.

    4. The How to Headline 

The How to headlines is found everywhere, on the internet, and even in books. Marketing professionals say there is no way to go wrong if you start a headline with "How To ..." A clear example of this type of headline is the headline of this article.

    5. A Question Headline

A question headline goes beyond asking a question, it has to generate real interest in the reader and make them feel intrigued or curious. An example of these headlines may be the typical question asked online these days "Who Else Wants To Get Rich Online?"

    6. The Command Headline

The command headline boldly tells the prospect what to do. Make the headline's first word a strong verb that demands action. An excellent example to include in your directory is "Subscribe To (name of your directory) Today!"

    7. Reason Why Headline

One super effective headline technique is the reasons why headlines. This technique consists of adding an enumerated list of product characteristics, advice about some topic or others to the page body text, which you then add into the title. For example: "Reasons To Choose (name of your directory)" or "20 Tips To Write An Incredible Copy ". Notice that it isn’t even necessary to write the words "reasons why ".

    8. Testimonial Headline

Last but not least is the testimonial headline, this type of headline is very effective because it presents external evidence that offers great value. What you have to do is take the words that someone else has said about your directory, services, or products and use them in the headline. Remember that you must always use the exact words they used and put them in quotation marks so that the readers will know that they are reading a testimonial and that it will continue in the page body text. For example: "using this directory has changed my life"

Headlines Should Included

Now that you can choose between several types of headlines, you should know that it’s important to:

Ask yourself these questions before you start to write your headline, the answers to these questions will make it easier for you to write your headlines:

You already have too many options to use in the headlines of your directory and even for your copies. You now know techniques on what they should contain and how to make them easier. We recommend that you read our other articles "5-Points: Script To Write Copy That Converts" and 10 Tips To Create A Powerful Home Page so that you can create the best content for your directory and your writings.