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Lead Magnet Builder

Having Lead Magnets in your directory is a game changer. This will allow you to get the email of more prospect customers and in the future possibly convince them to purchase your services or products. In order to move forward It is important to know some few concepts:

Definition And Objective of Lead Magnet

As its name implies, a lead magnet function is to attract customers. For a lead magnet to work you have to give something for free to prospective customers in exchange of important information such as their email.

Think about what can be the best incentive for your clients to agree on giving you their email. It can be in exchange for pdf files, spreadsheets, a discount, a promotion, or by doing a free trial of a program, software, etc.

Choose a Customer Avatar

An effective lead magnet has to be very specific and relevant to future clients. The mistake of many people is thinking that they want "everything for everyone." 

It is much easier if you choose specific segments of people from your directory and focus on them.

For example, imagine you are a real estate agent and you have several people searching for a house: 

Note that there are very different groups of people who are looking for different options from each other. This is why it turns out to have better results if you choose a single specific segment of your business.

To learn how to choose the different segments of who you have to speak to in your directory and understand them better, we recommend you to visit our article "Customer Avatar". Where we explain step-by-step how to create different custom avatars for different segments and what are the aspects for creating customer avatars.

Make a Promise

In this part, try to enter a conversation with your prospective leads with an idea that they already have in their mind. Find something that they’ve already been thinking about, caring about, struggling about, etc. 

To get an idea of how to do it ask yourself these questions:

Remember, this is a transaction, where you offer them something and they give you their information. Most importantly, this is your first transaction with them so do it a great one.

The best way to do this is as fast and simple as possible. So don't do a 10-day course or a 400-page book, because most people won't want to consume it.

Title the Lead Magnet

This step is one of the most necessary ones because based on the title people will decide whether they’re going to read your proposal or not.

A title that grabs the attention of your readers should include the benefits they can get from reading your proposal. So make the best possible title for your proposal, since with a good title, you will increase the sales possibilities in your directory.

Decide on a Type of Lead Magnet

We made a list of the best and most common lead magnets, for you to know how to use them and when to use them in the best way possible:

One of the most common forms of lead magnets that marketers use is guides and reports.

Since these mostly only contain text, they are easier to create and can be sent instantly by mail.

This type of lead magnet works very well because it gives the prospects a feeling of easiness and fast to utilize. In other words, just by filling out a form or submitting your contact information, you will be able to obtain a very good benefit. These are generally small, like a page maximum and are very specific.

For some businesses, this type of magnet lead is very useful. It works by giving great advice to the prospect customers and then they will be able to take that advice into action in a certain task in a better way. 

If your skill set includes creating/editing videos, it’s going to come very handy because video training is a good option that is super effective. If your problem is that you are a very camera-shy person, you can use different programs so that you do not have to be in front of the camera and you will only need to record your voice.

This option has a lot of potential since you will almost be interacting face to face with your potential client, which generates a lot of trust and comfort, as well as a close relationship between you and the potential customer.

Remember to make short videos, so that they are quick to consume.

This type of lead magnet is very specific to certain types of businesses, in which if your business sells software or is related to software, you can offer a free trial of the software you offer in exchange for customer information.

If in your business you sell products, you can add discounts or offer to give free shipping in exchange for their email address of your prospects.

Some directories ask prospect customers questions about their services, products, and such like. For example, a skincare website could make a questionnaire about what skin type the customer has. After completing this quiz, the customer will be given recommendations on what product suits your skin most and what is the most appropriate skincare routine according to your skin type. This greatly benefits potential customers and the website. Since you can send offers and recommendations to that specific person with specific products to their email and hopefully convince them in purchasing those products.

Directories that provide tests or assessments may carry them out in exchange for the customer's contact information. For example, if you have a page that measures the loading speed of other websites, you could do it in exchange for the customer's email.

Understanding what types of lead magnets exist will definitely help your directory sales wise, so, choose a lead magnet that suits your site the best. Remember the idea is to generate a quick exchange, if not, customers will be uncomfortable making future purchases.

Lead Magnet Checklist

Now that you know the best types of magnet leads, it is also important to know 8 components to create the best lead magnet:

 1. Is It Ultra Specific?

Lead magnets should never be vague or lazy, they always have to offer an ultra-specific solution for an ultra-specific market.

 2. Is It One Big Thing

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they offer many small things, potential customers will be happy with it, but actually, it’s quite the opposite. Prospective customers feel that is way much better when you offer them a BIG promise.

 3. Does It Speak To A Known Desire End Result?

Potential customers in your directory are looking for results. One way to grab their attention is to mention what that result is going to be and if you can give them more information about it in the lead magnet they will be happy to provide you with their information.

 4. Does It Provide Immediate Gratification?

The moment your prospect filled out the form or gave you their email in exchange for something, they may start to lose interest in your site. So if you want good results and stand out among your competitors, you must give in your lead magnet what they are interested in quickly and be easy to consume. They want instant gratification by giving their emails.

 5. Does It Shift The Relationship?

The best lead magnets give more than just information, they change the state and mindset of customers. So, in the future, they will want to do business with you. 

For this, the demos or free trials are extremely effective, since they use your products or services immediately and the relationship with them becomes stronger.

 6. Does It Have High Perceived Value?

The fact that it is free does not mean that it has to be seen "free". Use good graphics and images, this gives value to your lead magnets. Besides from the fact that if your lead magnet is of low quality, potential customers will doubt the capabilities of your directory or the quality of your services and products, which will be reflected in a low level of conversion rates.

 7. Does It Have High Actual Value?

If you can deliver something highly valued with your lead magnets they will likely transform into high levels of conversion rates.

 8. Does It Allow For Rapid Consumption?

Your lead magnet should not be an obstacle to generate sales or attract members, so you must make it fast, about 5 minutes or less. 

If your potential customers came to your directory it is because they are interested in that moment to obtain something, but if the leads take a long time or include several processes they will lose interest and you will let potential customers go.

Now Run It

Now you are ready to create your magnet leads, follow this series of steps and you will be able to create great lead magnets that will have many possibilities of becoming sales.

Always remember, they must be consumed quickly and you must give a great benefit in return.

When you already have the information of the customers in your hands you can start convincing them to obtain your products or services. Luckily for you, we invite you to read our article "Follow-up Email Templates" where we will show you the best way to do it.