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The Community Content Strategy

In this article, we want to show you the best way to get closer to your customers. In the articles on our page, we teach you how to increase your sales, how to make your directory the best on the internet. However, this article will make you create a community in your directory and make your members and clients feel part of a tribe.

Audience Vs Community

We must first understand the difference between audience and community. An audience is when the communication that occurs mainly in your directory is between you and your members. On the other hand, a community is when that communication occurs between the members of your directory.

The community is always based on creating conversations among your members mainly, but you must also be present. Some differences between content that promote a community and one that only encourages sales are:

Community-Building Content

Broadcast Content

This is just a comparison. We are not telling you that it is wrong to use content focused on sales. What we are looking to do is combine both types of content.Which is what your community needs and by joining both contents one will complement the other.

Managing a Brand Community

Managing a brand can be very challenging, it can even feel like you're having a party and no one showed up. You can write comments but nobody will answer, nobody will talk to other members and you’ll have to try to make the party pleasant yourself.

But you do not have to give up, with this article you will learn to create a community for your directory in which your members and clients will want to be part of it, so don’t just give up right now. Wait until you see what you can accomplish.

People Come For The Content, They Stay For The Community

People visit your directory for the content you offer them, and that is very good. However, they stay in your directory to meet more people with the same problem as theirs or find people who can help them or even for them to help others. That's why we want them to be regular members of the site so they can always have the latest.

Ritual Content

The ritual content is very important since once the members of your directory see messages, whether daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly, they will always expect to receive them and therefore, they will feel that they are part of a community and are important in it.

It is very important to know that you can not send the same content every time and think that that it’s enough to generate a feeling of ‘routine’. You must create different content for each time you are going to send content.

Community Content Audit

Just like relationships in real life, for example: Friendships, couples, classmates, work buddies, etc, they all take time to build trust and when you are creating community content audits it also takes time. You need several posts to reach your clients. It is a long-term engagement not only of peaks.

Community Management is an Art and a Science

With the advice that we have given you previously, you already know the art of building a community, but you must also know the science behind it.

This science involves a series of steps to successfully achieve our mission:

    1. Acquaintance (Identifying Mutual Interests)

This part is when the relationship between your clients begin to know each other, to find common interests among them, and to talk about them.

    2. Built-Up (Determining Compatibility)

Once they’ve figured out common interests between the community, in order to move forward, you have to analyze if they are really compatible with each other.  Look at it as if it were a date, they first have to get to know each other more profoundly to see if it will work out.

    3. Continuation (Making a Show of Commitment)

Think about this stage as if they have committed to each other, this is when your clients join in a conversation, talk about different topics, and help each other out, etc. 

This is the goal of creating a community, making them feel like they are part of a tribe.

Sense Of Community

These are the reasons why people love being part of a community since they not only get benefits but also creates many positive feelings.

Members recognize each other as part of a tribe.

Members feel their actions can influence the group (and vice versa).

Members feel emotional rewards when they participate.

Members have a sense of shared history and shared participation.

Creating Rituals

If you’ve noticed, we have made a lot of emphasis on creating ritual content. This is because it is the best way to create that feeling of community. That is why we will give you the best techniques to do it exceptionally.

    1. Media Assets

    2. Sense of Community Elements

    3. Conversation Quality

    4. Relevance

    5. Applause Rate

With this article, you have understood the importance of creating a community in your directory with your members and clients. Now you can create your community and make your directory a family!