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Video Sales Script Guide

In this playbook, you will learn how to script a Video Sales Letter (VSL) that sells products, services, or encourages your directory visitors to become members or paying customers.

We'll give you 12 tips so you know how to write a high-converting video sales letter from scratch and advice on how to build scripts that creates trust and confidence.

Create a Template

First, you need to create a template, which will help you in a huge way when thinking about how to make the video and modify it for future videos.

The time scale of each part of the video is a very helpful part for the people in charge of the video and production, to be aware of the things that are going to happen and what words are going to be said at all times.

This column is the script of your video. Add notes and examples of what is intended to be said in each part.

This part is completely focused on your production team, you will add what you have visualized for this section of the video. For example cuts, animations, angle changes, background music, sound effects, among others.

Add as many rows as necessary for the video. The longer the video is, the more rows could be added.

With your template ready, it's time you know what steps to follow to make the best video you can make:

 Step 1: Attention-Getting Open

For your VSL to be successful you must capture the attention of your viewers immediately. This would be the hook of your video and the best way to do it are with the following:

  1. Promise

  2. Proof

  3. Story

  4. Question

  5. Pattern-Interrupt

Choose from these 5 techniques that best suit your offering and write a short introduction to make your script stand out.

 Step 2: Identify the Problem

Your offer is going to solve a problem your viewers have. So as this title says, you must find that problem.

Think that your target audience has had to deal with this problem and is watching your video to end their problem once and for all.

When identifying the problem, take into account that people do not buy products or services, they buy transformations. In other words, they buy something to change their status (life) to how it was before buying that "something" and how it can become with it.

So you can be an expert in this matter, we recommend that you read our article "5-Points: on Script To Write Copy That Converts" where you will understand more how to implement this point in your VSL.

 Step 3: Aggravate the Problem

This part is not necessary for short videos, but in long videos, it gives viewers a feeling that the problem is worse than they imagine and they will be more motivated to eliminate it. You can use statistics, stories, demonstrations, or facts to show how important it is to eliminate this problem.

 Step 4: Present the Solution

In this section, you should present the solution to the problem which is: Your directory, your product, or your service. Mention it by its name, it is good to mention it by its name more than once, since it will become familiar and memorable for your viewers.

At this point don't talk about how your product, services, or directory works, focus on what it does and the results it offers.

 Step 5: Establish Authority

Here you will have to explain who you are, why they should listen to you, why should they give you their time, how are you sufficiently trained and why do you want to help.

Keep in mind that we are giving you this idea up to point 5, if you start your video talking about this it may sound like a braggart.

This part is not essential for short videos, so if you can skip it, do so. In long videos, it is a great way to build trust in viewers.

 Step 6: Explain How it Works

This step is the longest of the VSL and one of the most important ones. Here you will explain to your prospect how your product or service can transform them and the results they can obtain (what we mentioned in step 4).

You must do it quickly, just explain how it works, and what they will receive when they buy your product/service or register in your directory. Do not talk about any function that you are not going to specify about in your video.

Very important, think about how you want the final video to look like, for example: Write if you want background music, if it would be a good idea for keywords to appear, etc.

 Step 7: Make the Offer (CTA #1—Gain)

A very effective call to action (CTA) reaffirms the problem and provides a solution in one sentence. Tell prospects what to do next. Here the benefits are reiterated and a more friendly deal is made, perhaps, offering a bonus.

IMPORTANT: In this part, it is very important to always look directly at the camera, not make changes in angles, and be very clear and direct.

If your video is short (of about 2 minutes or less) you will only need 1 CTA, and without any further work it would end here. If they are longer videos, follow our article because you might need up to 3 CTAs.


 Step 8: Give a Guarantee

Many times potential customers have objections to buying, they think: "what if it doesn't work?".

For this reason, you must give a type of guarantee to give them more security, for instance it could be a free trial for a limited amount of days.

Shorter videos do not necessarily have to include this.

 Step 9: Make the Offer (CTA #2—Logic)

This CTA is based as its name indicates in logic. You must remind them again that they cannot miss this offer and tell them what to do next.

Example: Have you seen our results? It is undeniable that this works! Your investment is guaranteed! So now is the time to take the next step. Click the button and let's get started right now.

And always remember, when you mention a CTA you must look directly at the camera, do not make changes of angles, and be direct and clear.

 Step 10: Give a Warning

Most of the time you need to give your potential customers a push to act now. Mention the deadline for this offer and again remind them of the cost of doing nothing to solve their problem.

 Step 11: Make the Offer (CTA #3—Fear)

This would be the last CTA in the longest video and goes in hand with the previous step. You previously set a deadline for the offer, so now you can take advantage of the fear that you instilled in them of losing your offer. For that reason, remind them again of the shortage you just presented and stirring up fear of missing out (FOMO).

 Step 12: Social Proof (Optional)

This step is optional, however, it creates a great sense of trust in potential customers and evacuates any doubts they would have. It basically consists of adding stories and customer testimonials. The best way to do it would be to add a video.

You can do this step at any moment in the video, but you shouldn’t wait until the end and remember, do not take the flow out of the video.

Study Successful VSLs

A very important step for your video to be spectacular, is to review online videos as examples to use as a basis. In this case, put yourself in the shoes of potential customers. Be a critic and analyze if their techniques can work, this way you will be more aware of what has great potential to add and what does not.

Once you have finished your script you can start recording your video!

When you have the video ready, you will want to incorporate it into the best possible section of your directory, and you will want it to have the highest-possible organic traffic. 

For this, we recommend that you read our articles: "Blog Content Engine""Lead Magnet Builder" and "11 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have"for even better results!