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Write Sales-Boosting Bullet Points

Sales bullets are an efficient and smart way to improve your checkout success rates, and knowing how to write them is extremely important for your business. Creating bullets that drive sales isn’t easy, but don’t worry, in this article you will learn how to do it well and efficiently.

First off, it's important to know why Sales Bullets matter:

Why Sales Bullets Matter

    1. Bullets are teasers, they draw attention and generate curiosity by showing the unique benefits of your directory, services or products.

    2. Bullets are precise, writing shocking text engages people even when they read fast.

    3. Bullets are deal closers, you focus people's attention on the specific benefits your directory delivers with all your products and services.

Next, understanding the right steps to write “sales-boosting bullets” is essential. That is why we’ve made an easy step-by-step guide for you to follow.

Step 1 - Identify Your Biggest Benefits

Bullets are a list of benefits that you provide either in your directory, services or products to seduce potential customers, and get closer to closing deals. Generally, short pages have 3 - 5 bullets, while long pages have over 20 bullets.

Bullets are the benefits that a potential client will obtain when acquiring your services, products or joining your directory. You can highlight words or phrases that reinforce the benefits. This helps for people who like to skim through the text

Keep in mind that not all the benefits could be bullets.

You have to know how to differentiate between common benefits and bullets. With bullets you must write benefits that will most likely draw the attention of potential clients.

Create a “Benefits Analysis Worksheet”, your goal is to understand which features deliver specific benefits and how to deliver them.

It is also important to understand:

    1. What are the features/specs of your products or directory that make them more useful or valuable for your customers?

    2. What are the advantages of having access to your directory or product?

    3. What motives or desires are satisfied by that benefit?

    4. What benefits will your customers receive because of your directory or product?

Once you have identified the benefits of your directory or product, decide which of these you want to include as bullets.

Step 2 - Write your bullets

Bullets are called fascinators because they build desire and curiosity in people. Below are 4 characteristics you want in a sales bullet.

1. Transition from the “before state” to the “after state.”

Let your clients know how you can move their before state to their desire after state.  Feature how your directory or product can help them. Use only the most ‘attention-drawing’ benefits and translate these into life-changing, emotional benefits.

2. What distinguishes your product as unique?

You will have to mention your system, process, name, its unique look, and other aspects, that differentiates you from the other businesses.

3. Create a sense of urgency or importance.

Necessity sells. If you think there is a benefit your clients need right now, say so. If any of the bullets are related to their happiness or well-being, say it to them as well. Creating in them the sense of urgency will most likely help you grab their attention even more. 

4. Focus on specific details.

Don't mention standard information, go with specific details. Say the specific benefits people will acquire by joining your directory, mention all you can do, not just the common details.

How do you start your bullets?

Keep in mind that you will always need to change the structure of your bullets, never use the same ones as before. 

Begin your bullets:

    1. With a number

    2. With an action verb

    3. With "how-to" or "why"


You should structure it like a phrase or sentences. Use parentheses to add additional information, such as features that make the benefits possible, and use bold fonts to highlight important information. Also, incomplete sentences are okay.


Step 3 - Edit your bullets

Don’t assume the bullets are ready after you wrote them. You need to edit them and try to implement 3 to 4 of the last qualities we listed in step 2. Don’t worry if you can’t add 4 of these qualities, sometimes even the professionals can't do it.

Here are some suggestions to improve these sections:

To Add Before & After State

Explain how your benefits make you have a better life. As well as detailing the outcome of having these benefits.

To Add Uniqueness

Compare your directory or product to the standard ones and mention the different results that will be achieved with your directory.

To Add Urgency

Even though there isn’t any urgency, you can create one. Tying your directory or product with an event or complication your client is having will make them think as if they need your service immediately.

This section is the hardest quality to include. Don’t worry if there’s no good way to add it.

To Add Specifics…

Go through your bullets and change anything that feels vague. Then add the features, specs, and stats that will help you make highly specific claims and display them with clear details.

Think In Sales

A great tool to generate more sales is the “Zeigarnik effect” technique. This technique is about not giving complete information to users. They must join your page or access your product to see all the information. This will increase the curiosity of your clients, as well as increasing the possibility of them joining your page.

Format & Arrange Your Bullets.

People pay more attention to the beginning and the end of readings. This is why you should know how to structure your bullets. 

Review your bullets and arrange them by:

    1. Put your strongest bullet point first. Most compelling bullets are at the top of your list.

    2. Put your next strongest bullet points at the end of your list.

    3. Put your weakest bullet points in the middle.

Alternate the style of your bullets to make it more tempting to read:

    1. Use different words so they don't sound the same and have different tones.

    2. Vary the length and the structure so they don't all look alike.

    3. Bold and italicize keywords or phrases that you want to stand out to your potential client.

    4. It's okay for some bullets to be complete sentences, and others to be phrases.

    5. It's okay for only some bullets to have parentheses.

    6. Some can be a sentence while others are a question.


Write Your Transitions 


Now that your bullets are organized and optimized, remember that you can never interrupt the flow. It has to feel like a natural part of the presentation. So you need to create a transition into and out of your bullets. 


This point is simple, tell your potential clients what you are about to tell them, some examples could be:


    1. Here’s everything you will get...

    2. Take advantage of our offer in our directory so you can…

    3. By signing up in our directory, you will get access to…


To pass from one bullet to another, you could use “And that's not all…” and then talk about one big benefit. Also, for the last bullet, you might also consider writing it like a paragraph and use one introduction like "And as an extra gift for joining today..." 


By the end, when you have included your bullets into your text and everything runs smoothly, you are ready!