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Custom Development

We help our clients develop proprietary serverless systems for their specific businesses, we develop ready to install plugins, & we scope out any type of custom development or design project for your online business. Investing in your project is a serious matter and we understand this. We aren't your usual development team, we understand its not fun for new costs to pop-up in the middle of development or to be nickeled and dimed for small adjustments. Our team has the expertise necessary to quote work appropriately. We work on a per project basis. Meaning we start and finish your project for the original cost discussed, no more and no less, giving you piece of mind to make proper financial decisions without surprises.

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How Do We Start:

Our goal is to completely understand your objectives and put together a rock solid plan to accomplish them. Ideas are plentiful and not of much value if no one tries to make them a reality. We aim to bring your ideas to life, and the best way to start this process is by setting up a time for us to speak so that we can discover and write down all your project goals.
After our first meeting you will have a chance to contemplate if you think we are the right fit for your project, and we will have had the chance to document your ideas and goals. The next step forward is to organize a plan to execute your custom project flawlessly & provide the cost breakdown for everything you would like developed. In order to proceed with this step we ask for a $25 deposit as a sign of commitment. Planning projects and quoting them accurately is time intensive & costly, we need to make sure we provide this service exclusively to committed customers. That said, if you do opt to continue working with our team the $25 fee is deducted from the final cost of your project.
At this point we’ve knocked your socks off with our plan and price to make your dream project come to life. The next step would be sending our team the funds to get to work. As a company policy, projects under $6,000 require 100% of payment upfront. For projects above $6k we offer installment plans.
At this stage our team has delivered your project early or on-time. We’ve done our best to make your ideas real and tangible, however, hindsight is always 20/20 and small adjustments to certain details you just couldn’t imagine back when the project was originally scoped are now required so that your idea truly becomes what you’ve dreamt it could be. We will jump on a meeting with you, scope those out and implement as many changes as possible. We don’t believe you should have to pay for small adjustments like other development companies, just because you couldn’t imagine them when scoping out the project. Your success is our success and if small adjustments are required you can count on us to help!
Now you can celebrate bringing your idea to life. Our team has worked closely with you to implement your feedback and you couldn’t be happier and more excited to see your investment flourish.

Get going & plan your project now!

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